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Minister admits error in Parliament, 2nd minister denies it outside

Admittedly, that’s not the way these two stories were spun by the mainscream media. But that’s how it went down.

Recap: The car floodgates were thrown open in 2004 when the “forecast” deregistrations were kicked into, um, overdrive and the COE presses went pedal to the metal. Upton Sinclair strikes again (see top right of this here blog): all that yummy excise tax and licences and permits from the extra cars would have been so hard to pass up, don’t you think.


Another lovely day on the roads
(Credit: lynac –

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Driving the wrong behaviours throughout the transport system

Will the real traffic planners please stand up?

LTA statistics say that from 2003 to 2008, the number of buses and road length in lane-kilometres both grew by 5% but the car population jumped 36%.

not the final solution (props:

not the final solution (props:

So… despite mushrooming ERP gantries, motorists face obscene jams plus chronic parking shortages. A bachelor of rocket science isn’t needed to see that 36 into 5 doesn’t go.

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Maths 101

So the LTA says that traffic has been kept smooth-flowing despite more vehicles being allowed on the roads. Here’s some ratio analysis to test this claim:

Extra lane-kilometres of road from 2003 to 2008: 471 (5.7 percent) [Link]

Extra cars from 2003 to 2008: 145,127 (35.8 percent) [Link]

Number of extra cars on each extra lane-kilometre: 308 (one every 3.25 metres)

Average length of new car: About 4.3 metres.


Not enough road space, so... (Photo credit:Dave_7 (

Not enough road space, so... (Photo credit:Dave_7 (

I know, I know, new cars were not all confined to new lane kilometres. Well then, Let’s Try Another subject then, oh I don’t know, how about English:

Adjective to describe average traffic conditions: OBSCENE

What say you?

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