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As you all know, the LTA’s vision is “a people-centred land transport system”. Oh you didn’t? How ignorant of you: it says so right there on their website.

Now, that is indeed a noble objective and one that will never be fully achieved, since people’s needs, and even the number of people, keep changing. Therefore, lifetime employment. Genius! Cyril N. Parkinson would have approved.

And sometimes this vision is manifested in the way things are done. Such as publicity for improvement works. Take the signboard for the Woodsville interchange. (Well don’t actually take it – that would be stealing). Rows of them are nailed up at the junction where the PIE meets Serangoon, Upper Serangoon, Bendemeer and Macpherson roads:

See, a good example is being set with the spiffy hybrid car and a multi-seater coach. Efficient, green, shiny, happy, etc. Fully on board with the people-centricity requirement.

What’s not to like? Read more…

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