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Cautious equipment

Well, this is a break from a break, but we all need those sometimes.

The following sign was spotted today at the inlet stack of a swimming pool complex. What does it mean?

Hmm… maybe it means that right now, there is a piece of personal protective equipment, which is conducting chemical charging in a cautious manner. Well done, equipment! Give that hard-working equipment a pat on the back for being cautious. It’s real small, too. Couldn’t see any sign of it around the, er, sign.

Then again, if the equipment is so smart, we wouldn’t need it to be protecting a person. It could be a chemical charging-bot or something instead, right?

For some more clues, let’s look at the sign which appears just above:

That makes slightly more sense. “Before you do chemicals charging here, go find some cautious personal protective equipment and put it on first.” But since we already know it can do the charging all by itself, it might treat you as… superfluous and make an… exception to its personal protective capabilities.

Matulos, stop being so literally-bloody-minded, you say! Obviously, that word Cautious is meant to be Caution. Duh!

Sorry, can’t help myself.

And now back to your regular programming.

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